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Why StepShot?

Automate documentation

StepShot is watching as a subject matter expert is going through a software workflow and SME’s knowledge is automatically captured in a distraction-less way.

Schedule fewer knowledge-transfer sessions

StepShot is a software documentation tool that allows spending less time sharing knowledge in performing day-to-day tasks.

Create more useful content

Have always up-to-date routine processes in a form of how-to step-by-step reference guides and manuals, instructional documents, and runbooks using a software documentation tool.

How to create screenshot-based guide for 100 steps process

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The simple software documentation tool to be used by subject matter experts ‘out-of-the-box’ with little or no training and support required to create professionally looking step-by-step reference guides.

Process Capturing

Start screen capturing and go through the workflow – screenshots are produced on every mouse click. Except for screenshots, text description is also automatically captured. You may as well type additional text instructions either in the process of documenting or right after all screenshots are captured.  Not being distracted from the procedure you are documenting, the whole process will take less time than usually. The optimization of the documentation process will free up some time for more enjoyable activities, such as,  for instance, reading our blog!

Active Window

Windows 8 Apple
StepShot automatically chooses an active window to be captured.

Full Screen

Windows 8 Apple
Capture info from a full screen to show more context in a guide.

A screenshot on every mouse click

Windows 8 Apple
Every mouse click produces a separate screenshot – no additional effort required.

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Screen Region

Windows 8
Frame the region to capture specific screen area.

Single capturing

Windows 8
Select the area for a single screenshot and press Enter.

Automatic multilingual text instructions

Windows 8
StepShot identifies the action and produces a text instruction on every step (i.e. “Click on…”).

Framed cursor

Windows 8 Apple
Add focus to the required action in a form of a red rectangle.

Highlighted cursor

Windows 8
Add focus to the required action in a form of a yellow circle.

No cursor

Windows 8
Make a cursor invisible in your guides, if no need.

Annotate the captured steps.

As soon as you capture the whole process in screenshots, they can be edited afterward. A rich variety of tools helps visualize your step-by-step reference guides. Crop an image, frame, and highlight important regions, blur secure information. All that is possible not launching a separate software documentation tool. Concentrate on your IT software documentation without excessive efforts.


Windows 8
Crop unnecessary parts and leave only what matters.

Text box

Windows 8
Add the text to your screenshots, using a text box.


Windows 8 Apple
Easily add different shapes to an image so you can clearly communicate your ideas.

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Windows 8
Hide some sensitive parts of an image, by making them opaque and invisible.


Windows 8
Number the steps to show the sequence of actions.


Windows 8
Add more focus to important details, highlighting them.

Export or publish the user-guide into various formats

Share ready step-by-step reference guides and manuals with your colleagues. Publish the documentation to your professional workspace or export it as a PDF or Word file. Make use of the default document templates to style or brand your IT software documentation.  You can also request the creation of your own designed templates, just contact us.

PDF document

Windows 8 Apple
Export your instructional content as a ready-to- use PDF guide.

Word document

Windows 8
Share the user guides you create in a popular format of a Word document.


Windows 8
Easily publish your user guide to a website or blog on WordPress.

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Windows 8
Contribute to your corporate wiki with newly created instructions and manuals.


Windows 8
Populate your company’s knowledge management system with new how-to guides and manuals.


Windows 8
Quickly share single screenshots via ImageShack.


Windows 8
Publish ready DITA tasks to your content management space in easyDITA.

HTML file

Windows 8
No matter what website platform you use, easily upload your guides as HTML files.

XML file

Windows 8
Import StepShot documents into any other systems as XML files.

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System Administrators

You constantly have to create a compilation of procedures and operations for you and your colleagues to carry out. Don’t struggle with it – easily create a runbook to be used as a reference.

IT Support Experts

Do your internal or external customers have repetitive issue you don’t want to resolve over and over again? Then it’s just the right moment to document the troubleshooting procedures by doing it only once on your laptop.

Software Training Specialists

Stop recording and post-processing tons of hard to maintain video materials. Create demos and user-guides instead – allow your trainees follow the procedures at their own pace and search through screenshot-based step-by-step reference guides.

Software Engineers

There is a lot of knowledge transfer back and forth during the software development lifecycle. Capture software requirements, an interim output and create a bug report, allowing StepShot instantly copy your steps in screenshots and text description.

Our happy customers

StepShot is a high-quality and extremely easy to use application. Best of all it saves hours of work when I want to create professional guides and tutorials. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to create an easy to use guidebook or step-by-step tutorial.

Thomas Aldous

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